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Routine Nail Care

Routine Nail Care

Patients regularly say, “I only need my nails cut, as I find it difficult to bend down to cut them myself."

We can help but, there is no such thing as a simple nail cut at Podiatry Station!  You are seeing a Qualified Foot Specialist who has a duty of care to carry out a full assessment within each appointment.  Often this is a visual inspection, however our Podiatrists are highly trained and very experienced professionals, who have an eye for spotting any underlying issues that you may not even be aware of.

Here at Podiatry Station we start this treatment by asking for your full medical history which includes health conditions, medications, and any other ongoing mental or physical problems you may have.   For example if you are on certain blood thinning medications or are undergoing cancer treament.  As these conditions put you at a greater risk of catching an infection the Podiatrist would make you aware of things you can do to prevent certain problems from occuring.

The nail care we provide includes the toenails being trimmed, filed, and sulci (sides) checked and cleared. The soles of the feet are also checked for any other problems that may need our attention. The treatment is then completed by hydrating the skin with our foot balm.

As nail care is an ongoing requirement and often needs to be done approximately every 6-8 weeks, we offer a reduced price for regular clinic visits. Please view our prices page for more details or call us to find out more.

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