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Diabetic Foot Ulcers

Diabetic Foot Ulcers

Diabetic Foot Ulcers


Diabetic foot ulcers are an open wound that has penetrated to the deeper layers of the skin. Unfortunately, diabetic patients are at a much higher risk of developing foot ulcerations and / or breakdowns.

Foot ulcers occurs in approximately 15% of diabetic patients. The most common area for this type of breakdown is on the soles of the feet. Diabetic patients are at a higher risk of developing ulcers because they can have problems with their blood supply and their nerves may not be functioning correctly. This means that if a diabetic patient was to stand on a piece of glass they may be unaware of the damage this has done to the soles of their feet. If this damage remains undetected then this can develop into a serious infection, which can go down as deep as the bone. When this happens, it is known as Osteomyelitis and this will always require immediate antibiotics.

At Podiatry Station, we hope that none of our patients ever develop an ulcer as with regular routine care and advice, ulcers can be easily avoided. If ulcer care is required, then Podiatry Station is the place to go for your treatment. Our clinic is modern, clean and sterile, providing you with the perfect setting for emergency treatment of ulcers. Being a diabetic it is very important that you choose a clinic that is very hygienic, and the Podiatrist is very experienced, as you are at a greater risk of picking up an infection.

Our Podiatrist is trained to treat high risk diabetic foot ulcerations. Having worked within several NHS Diabetic Clinics she has extensive knowledge and understanding of how to successfully treat ulcers. This often involves cutting away the infected tissue and padding up your foot to redistribute the weight, to allow your foot to heal. Footwear advice and pressure relieving is also a major part of your treatment plan and will be discussed with you in great detail. We will provide you ongoing care before discharging you.

Furthermore, with MLS Class IV Laser Therapy we can help to speed up the healing of ulcers, meaning you will be healed and back on your feet much quicker! Discuss this treatment option with our Podiatrist at your first appointment.

MLS Class IV laser therapy

Laser Therapy for Speeding up Healing of Foot Ulcers

At Podiatry Station we strive to remain ahead of our competitors, by offering our patients the latest treatment options with the use of modern technology. Laser Therapy is used for a number of conditions, including speeding up the healing of ulcers. Add this to your emergency wound care treatment plan for a quicker recovery, to avoid the worsening of the wound, and less downtime!

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