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Bunions, Clawed Toe & Hammer Toe

Bunions, Clawed Toe & Hammer Toe


Bunions, Clawed Toe & Hammer Toe Overview

A bunion, also known as Hallux Valgus, is a deformity that affects the big toe joint.  In this condition the big toe excessively deviates towards the second toe which leads to a bony lump on the side of the foot. When the big toe is no longer straight, and is leaning towards the second toe, it causes the remaining toes to also become deformed. Depending on the position of the joints the toe can become hammered or clawed in nature.

Bunion and Hammer Toe Symptoms

Over time, bunions get progressively worse which means that the patient can find it difficult to fit into normal footwear.  Squeezing your foot into an ill fitting shoe will inevitably result in corn, blister and callus production. As the pressure distribution has been disrupted, generalised foot pain is also very common.

Bunion and Claw Toe Treatment

Due to the feet being a complex part of your body, they can not be, and should not be, looked at in isolation. Your feet are placed at the bottom of the skeleton tree. Therefore, any problems within the the lower back, thigh muscles, knee joints, and lower limbs will contribute to your foot pain. Due to this, a condition cannot be solved simply by consultation, and a thorough hands-on assessment is required.

Bunion treatment is carried out using a Biomechanical Gait Analysis Assessment, the Podiatrist will assess your foot condition, but also take into account symptoms being experienced further up the skeleton. The assessment will provide an accurate diagnosis, allowing the Podiatrist to prepare a suitable treatment plan, which may include recommended stretches, custom made orthotics, and footwear advice.

However, for many patients, the above condition can leave them crippled and unable to carry out daily activities. It is not always best to rely on pain medications, due to their side effects. Furthermore, long-term pain relieving medication only helps to deal with the symptoms, and not the underlying cause of the pain / condition. MLS Class IV Laser Therapy reduces pain because it addresses the cause of that pain, whether this is by healing, repair or regeneration. Pain relief can often be felt after the first session. Laser therapy is completely safe, as well as non-invasive and painless.

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At Podiatry Station we strive to remain ahead of our competitors, by offering our patients the latest treatment options with the use of modern technology. Laser Therapy is used for a number of conditions, including immediate pain relief for MSK conditions.

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