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Shin Splints

Shin Splints

Shin Splints Treatment

Shin splints is a type of shin pain, which causes aching pain and tenderness along the front or sides of your lower leg. The pain is a result of being active, especially when climbing stairs. However, this is not a serious condition.


You may notice:

  • the pain begins when you start exercising
  • the pain seems to get better as you continue to exercise
  • the pain goes away when you rest
  • the painful area of your leg feels tender if you touch it

Many people who have shin splints may actually have a stress fracture. If you have a stress fracture, only a small area of your leg will usually feel tender. With a stress fracture, you may also find the pain keeps getting worse every time you exercise and from one workout to the next. If the muscle in your leg feels tight, you may have compartment syndrome.


Due to the feet being a complex part of your body, they can not be, and should not be, looked at in isolation. Your feet are placed at the bottom of the skeleton tree. Therefore, any problems within the the lower back, thigh muscles, knee joints, and lower limbs will contribute to your foot pain. Due to this, a condition cannot be solved simply by consultation, and a thorough hands-on assessment is required.

By carrying out a Biomechanical Gait Analysis Assessment, the Podiatrist will consider your foot condition, but also take into account symptoms being experienced further up the skeleton. The assessment will provide an accurate diagnosis, allowing the Podiatrist to prepare a suitable treatment plan, which may include recommended stretches, custom made orthotics, and footwear advice.

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