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Nail Fungus Treatment – Lacuna Method

Nail Fungus Treatment – Lacuna Method

lacuna method

Lacuna Method Nail Fungus Treatment

What is the nail fungal treatment Lacuna Method?

Lacuna Method is a simple and effective treatment for fungal nail infections. This relatively new nail fungus treatment is changing the way Podiatrists deal with fungal nail infections. The Lacuna Method treatment for fungal nails works by painlessly drilling many tiny micro holes (fenestration) into the infected nail plate, all the way through to the skin under the nail (the nail bed). Following the first part of the treatment where the nails are micro drilled, the nails are then treated with an antifungal spray, which passes through the holes directly to the source of infection, the infected nail bed.

Can Lacuna Method fungal nail treatment be carried out at the same time as Laser Therapy?

Many patients who choose to have their nails lasered will also get Lacuna Method fungal nail treatment done at the same time. By doing both treatments simultaneously you are providing the ideal conditions for the nail to regrow and repair itself.

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How long does  nail fungus treatment take?

For better results, it is recommended that a patient completes 4 sessions, over a period of 6 months, for their treatment plan to be successful. Thereafter, a follow-up session is required to review the progress and assess if any further treatment may be required.

What do I need to do at home?

When at home, the patient should apply the anti-fungal agent daily. Upon daily application, the infection in the nail bed will clear and the damaged nail will grow out. It should be noted that, without delivery of a fungicidal agent to the source of the infection (nail bed), clearance of the infection is highly unlikely.

Will my nail be damaged from the drilling?

The micro holes will be temporary. When the infection clears, the nail will grow out over approximately 6-months.

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lacuna method

Laser Therapy for Fungal Nails

At Podiatry Station we strive to remain ahead of our competitors, by offering our patients the latest treatment options with the use of modern technology. Laser Therapy is used for a number of conditions, including recovery of fungal nail infections.

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