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Biomechanics & Gait Analysis

Biomechanics & Gait Analysis


At Podiatry Station, we offer hands-on biomechanical assessments for all foot pain conditions. Patients can upgrade the assessment to include a gait analysis, using the Podosmart and Digitsole solution.

Biomechanical Assessment

A hands-on biomechanical assessment allows the Podiatrist to assess the manner, functionality and alignment of the lower limb and foot. It is specifically beneficial to those who have pain, which has not been diagnosed, or pain which has failed to respond to medication. The examination is done with the patient in a weight bearing (standing) and non-weight bearing (lying) position. The podiatrist will concentrate on examining the range, direction and quality of motion within the hip, knee, lower limb, and foot joints.

Gait Analysis

Digitsole PODOSmart – the smart insole solution for biomechanical assessments using artificial intelligence

The PodoSmart system accurately measures your walking or running profile and gait in real life conditions within just a few minutes. The PodoSmart system works with intelligent insoles, a Bluetooth transmitter and a web interface to view results. The intelligent insoles feature several sensors that detect the smallest foot movements and a microprocessor that calculates the Biomechanical data. The dedicated PodoSmart platform allows us to view all the data linked to the activity and analyse the results immediately.

Podosmart diagram
Podosmart benefits

How it works

Soles for shoes

The patient will be provided with a pair of Digitsole smart insoles to insert into his/her shoes. These are then paired via Bluetooth to the PodoSmart connection box. The patient will be asked to go for a walk or a run, before returning to the clinic.

Podosmart interface

When the patient returns from his/her walk or run, all the data that has been collected by the Digitsoles smart insoles will be transmitted via Bluetooth to the PodoSmart connection box. The connection box will then transfer all data from the patients Gait Analysis to the dedicated PodoSmart software.

Podosmart software

The dedicated PodoSmart software allows the Podiatrist to view and analyse all the data that has been collected, in the form of numbers and graphs, which helps to prepare a bespoke treatment plan.

Orthotics (Insoles)

Biomechanical assessments and gait analysis help identify the need for correction, which is done using orthotics, also known as insoles. The orthotics, which are customised to your feet, provide support and work with the lower limb and feet. To provide you with the most suitable insoles, you will need to bring your regular shoes in with you, on the day of your appointment. This will allow the Podiatrist to gain an insight into what style you prefer and give a better understanding of what type of insole should be provided.

However, sometimes the problem lies within the actual muscles. If this is the case, then the Podiatrist will be happy to prepare a stretching and strengthening exercise program specifically for your problem.

If the assessments fail to identify any problems, then the Podiatrist may still be able to suggest further areas of investigation that can be pursued to reach a diagnosis. We understand that the worst thing about pain is not knowing the source, so we will do everything possible to help you.

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