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Corns & Calluses

Corns & Calluses

“This corn is killing me. I am struggling to wear any shoes and the pain I feel on a daily basis is so depressing."

Does this sound like you are describing your corns and hard skin?  If yes, then we can definitely help you!

Callus (hard skin) is simply additional layers of skin lying on top of your normal skin.

The skin on the soles of your feet undergo immense pressure because they are responsible for holding your entire body weight during the gait (walking) cycle. The skin needs to be looked after on a daily basis and if it is neglected, it can deteriorate very quickly and that is when problems like corns appear.  The good news is that there is a solution to provide immediate relief from corns and callus.

Here is a guide to maintaining good feet everyday…


  • wear thick, cushioned socks
  • wear wide, comfortable shoes with a low heel and soft sole that do not rub
  • use soft insoles or heel pads in your shoes
  • soak corns and calluses in warm water to soften them
  • regularly use a pumice stone or foot file to remove hard skin
  • moisturise to help keep skin soft
  • use a topical callus cream (LCN Urea)


  • do not try to cut off corns or calluses yourself
  • do not walk long distances or stand for long periods
  • do not wear high heels or tight pointy shoes
  • do not go barefoot

The Podiatrist will always start with an initial assessment of your feet, and propose a suitable treatment plan. For corns and callus, this often includes removal of the dead dry skin and application of a hydrating balm. This maybe a one-off treatment  or you may visit us on a regular basis for routine maintenance.

Removal of hard skin is a pain free treatment with the use of a scalpel. There is no need for an Anaesthetic or any pain relief. If you have sensitive feet, you may feel ticklish, so feel free to laugh your way through the whole treatment!

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