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A Neuroma is where the nerve is irritated, compressed or inflamed. This results in thickening of the nerve and the surrounding tissues. Patient's often describe this pain as burning, knife like stabbing, or just complete agony, so much so that they are unable to put their foot down and walk.

The most commonly affected areas are between the 3rd and 4th web spaces and toes. However, patients often also complain of intense forefoot pain. This is because the nerve that supplies this area of the foot is naturally thicker, so it is more exposed to trauma that may result from inappropriate footwear or an underlying Biomechanical issue.

A Podiatrist can be highly beneficial in helping you manage this type of pain. We recommend you have a Biomechanical Assessment to identify the underlying issues which maybe contributing to the formation of the Neuroma. If an issue is found, then this can usually be corrected through the use of orthotics / insoles.

Padding and strapping is also another way that the Podiatrist can give you immediate relief.

Corticosteroid injections and surgical removal of the Neuroma are also options, but these are usually reserved for worst case scenarios, where the patient has not responded to any conservative method.

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