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Orthotics & Insoles

Orthotics & Insoles

Orthotics (or Orthosis) & Insoles

Orthotics, Orthosis and Insoles are the same thing!

If your Biomechanical Assessment / Gait Analysis highlights a need for orthotics to correct your MSK condition, then we can help.

Orthotics is the name given to insoles which are put inside your footwear, to help with treatment and correction. Insoles provide pain relief by redistributing the pressure of your feet when in use i.e. walking or running. This can be done in several ways and can be very effective when using the correct insoles. At Podiatry Station we offer a range of prefabricated and casted insoles, which are available in various materials and thicknesses. Your MSK Podiatrist will prescribe the best type type of insole,  based on your assessment outcome, to ensure you receive what will be most beneficial to you. To provide you with the most suitable insoles, you will need to bring your regular shoes in with you on the day of your appointment and if you are a keen runner or a cyclist, then you will need to bring your running or cycling shoes in too.

orthotics on foot
  • Prefabricated Insoles

Our off-the-shelf range of orthotics provides an affordable solution for your pain and discomfort. These are not insoles available to purchase in high street shops or pharmacies. We offer premium products, that have been hand selected by our Podiatrists based on their vast experience.

Depending on what your Podiatrist recommends, prefabricated orthotics (or prefab orthotics) can be supplied as out of the box prefabricated insoles, semi-custom prefabricated insoles, or fully custom prefabricated insoles. The latter usually require additions by way of components such as cushioning or support, based on a prescription, and this can be done onsite in the clinic rather than having to send them off to a dedicated lab.

  • Casted Prescription Orthotics

Fully custom made bespoke orthotics made from scratch, providing many choices to create your perfect insoles, and manufactured in a dedicated Biomechanics Orthosis Lab. We use the latest technology, which helps make the process simple and quick, away from traditional methods of taking a cast. A 3D Foot Scanner is used to take a high resolution blueprint of your entire foot, which helps to prepare the correct prescription, working hand-in-hand with the Gait Analysis assessment results. Casted custom-made orthotics are popular with everyone, from casual walkers to sportsman. They last for a very long time, and it will be years before they need refurbishing or replacing. The materials that are used to manufacture casted custom-made orthotics are long lasting and highly effective.

casted custom made orthotics