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What is the difference between a Chiropodist and a Podiatrist?

A Chiropodist is only allowed to cut toenails and remove hard skin. A Podiatrist is a lower limb and foot specialist. This means that their scope of practice extends to dealing with high risk diabetic patients, rheumatology, paediatrics and nail surgery. A Podiatrist will also be trained to carry out gait analysis of the lower limb and foot, allowing for biomechanical assessment and diagnosis of chronic pain.

Are you registered and qualified?

Our qualified Podiatrists are not only registered with HCPC, but are also members of The College of Podiatry. This, in addition to being highly qualified, allows all major health insurance providers, including Bupa, to refer their patients to our clinic.

I am so embarrassed my feet are such a mess. Can you help me?

Everybody thinks they have really bad feet. Rest assured that the Podiatrist will have seen somebody with much worse feet than yourself, so please just relax and don’t worry! Remember, we work with feet all day and everyday.

I work 5 days a week, so when can you see me?

We run a clinic every Saturday, so if you work during the week, we can still see you.  We also offer online video consultations and phone consultations by way of secure remote sessions.

Can I pay by credit/debit card?

Yes, we accept all major credit and debit cards. Currently, American Express payments can only be accepted via our online booking system.

I want to be seen by the same podiatrist every time. Is this possible?

This is not a problem. We also believe continuity of care is better if the patient sees the same Podiatrist each time they come as both will be aware of the existing treatment plan that is in place.

Can I got to work after my treatment?

The answer to this is sweet and simple – YES! The majority of our treatments are pain free, which do not require you to take time off work. The only exception is nail surgery, for which you are required to take a minimum of 2 days off work. If any treatment requires for you to take time off work, then your Podiatrist will inform you of this when putting together your treatment plan.

Will my treatment be painful?

For most treatments, the answer to this is NO!  You may present with a very painful condition. However, the Podiatrist will be able to treat this in a manner that does not cause you a great deal of discomfort. This is because we use very high quality instruments/equipment, and our Podiatrists have many years of professional experience, ensuring you are in very safe hands! When required, we do provide the option of administering a local anaesthetic to help with extra pain relief.

Are you suffering from toenail or foot problems?

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