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Emergency Wound Care

Emergency Wound Care

Foot wound care


A wound is damage or a break in the surface of the skin. Early treatment is important to avoid progression of the wound. At Podiatry Station we specialise in wound care, and offer emergency appointments to treat wounds urgently, without delay.

There are many reasons a wound may develop. Conditions such as ingrown toenails, painful corns and blisters can lead to wounds. Many patients who develop a wound, delay seeking professional help. This can result in patients attempting home treatments and using over the counter solutions such as corn pads. We would never recommend using over the counter products without professional advice.

Over the counter products such as corn pads contain acids, which not only burn through the corn but also burn the surrounding healthy tissue, creating bigger problems. After cutting an ingrown toenail incorrectly, or using a corn pad, the problem area can become extremely painful to touch and walk on. If you do not seek treatment immediately then the wound can become deeper and possibly infected, even resulting in the formation of an ulcer.

Conditions such as blisters are a common occurrence on the feet and many people regard them as harmless. In most cases this is true, however, if the blister develops underneath a patch of hard skin, this can lead to problems. The deeper the blister penetrates, the greater the chance of infection, and the more pain you will be in.

At Podiatry Station we have all the necessary dressings and experience, to repair your skin and get you back on your feet as quickly as possible. We specialise in wound care and are able to help with the healing of even the most stubborn wounds.

Furthermore, with MLS Class IV Laser Therapy we can help to speed up the healing of wounds, meaning you will be back on your feet in no time! Discuss this treatment option with our Podiatrist at your first appointment.

Laser Therapy for Speeding up Healing of Wounds

At Podiatry Station we strive to remain ahead of our competitors, by offering our patients the latest treatment options with the use of modern technology. Laser Therapy is used for a number of conditions, including speeding up the healing of wounds. Add this to your emergency wound care treatment plan for a quicker recovery, and less downtime!

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