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Verruca Prevention Tips and Treatment

ByPodiatry Station

Verruca Prevention Tips and Treatment

Verrucas: Tips for prevention and treatment

The Easter holidays are nearly upon us and for a lot of us that will mean going away for a much-needed break. Just ensure that you soak up the sun and sea and don’t bring back any unwanted germs with you. Every year after the 2-week Easter break we see a large increase in the number of patients coming in with verrucae, that they have picked up whilst on holiday. Our Blog this month will hopefully educate you on how to prevent them from happening in the first place.

What is a Verruca?

Verruca is the name given to a viral infection of the skin (HPV). They are contagious and can spread very easily from one human to another. The most distinctive feature of a verruca is the multiple black dots in one small area. Other say it is like looking at a cauliflower head due to its uneven and rough appearance.

How did I get a Verruca?

It can be very difficult to pinpoint when you picked up the infection, as the incubation period (this is the time between acquiring the infection and it making an appearance on the foot) can be anything from 2 to 24 months! The virus transmits and breeds in wet damp environments. Swimming pools, changing areas, and sharing footwear is where most people acquire the infection from.

What can I do to avoid getting a verruca?

Prevention is best thing you can do to avoid acquiring a verruca. While on holiday avoid walking around your hotel room, the swimming pool area, and the bathroom barefoot. Wearing flip flops, even in the shower, will act as a physical barrier between your skin and the infected areas.

Ensure that you do not try on shoes without socks. You should also avoid sharing your footwear to avoid spreading the infection.
Keep your skin well moisturised and avoid dry cracked heels. The dry heels represent an opening for the virus to gain access to your skin and multiple.

What Treatments are available in clinic?

If you are unfortunate enough to get a Verruca, then speak to your Podiatrist about SWIFT Microwave Therapy treatment. This breakthrough microwave technology currently has a 100% success rate in children and an 80% success rate for adults. Each treatment session is completed within seconds and there is no need for any bulky dressings, with minimum pain and discomfort after treatment allowing you to carry on with your day without disruption.

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