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Quick and Easy Solution for Ingrowing Toenails

ByPodiatry Station

Quick and Easy Solution for Ingrowing Toenails

Quick and Easy Solution for Ingrowing Toenails

Ingrowing toenails are a very common occurrence within the general population. Many people believe that only women suffer from them due to ill-fitting footwear However, men are more likely to suffer from them due to their footwear such as safety boots and formal shoes. An ingrowing toenail is where the nail pierces the skin, and an open wound is created. This becomes painful when the wound becomes infected.

An ingrowing toenail does not develop overnight. Before the nail breaks the skin, you will feel a great deal of pressure in the nail sulci. This is when you should seek immediate treatment from your Podiatrist, as early on it can be dealt with easily and most importantly without causing you much pain. Ingrowing toenails do not tend to get better by themselves and will often need regular attention. While this may keep the problem at bay it will not resolve the issue.
Nail Surgery is a quick and easy solution for dealing with ingrowing toenails permanently. Many patients get scared of the term surgery, but it is one of the simplest surgical procedures out there!

Below are the key facts about nail surgery.

  1. Nail Surgery is NOT painful
    A local anaesthetic is all that is needed to ensure that your toe is completely numb. This means that during the surgery you will feel no pain at all. The foot is also covered up during the surgery so you cannot see anything either!
  2. You only need a couple of days off from school or work
    Majority of patients choose to get their surgery done on a Friday. This means that they then come in on Saturday for their follow-up redressing appointment and are back to school or work on the Monday. This means that a patient needs no more than 2 days off from school or work. However, with so many of us working from home since COVID-19, many patients go home after their surgery and get back to work immediately, if they have a desk job.
  3. You can still work out
    After your nail surgery you can still go for a powerwalk, or run, or even do a gym workout. The only activities that we advise you refrain from doing is swimming and any form of aggressive sports, such as football or rugby to avoid the risk of trauma to the operated area.
  4. Get back into your favourite shoes
    Once the ingrowing toenail has been removed, patients feel the relief immediately. This often means that they can once again wear their favourite shoes, which only a few days before may have caused them pain.

Avoid a painful end. If you want a long-term solution such as nail surgery for your ingrowing toenails, then don’t wait until it’s too late, book your consultation at Podiatry Station now!

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