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Introducing PodoSmart – Gait Analysis using Artificial Intelligence

ByPodiatry Station

Introducing PodoSmart – Gait Analysis using Artificial Intelligence

Gait Analysis

Gait Analysis has long been used for runners and athletes, but it is now commonly used for everyone needing a Biomechanical Assessment. People’s gait, that is, the pattern of movement achieved as you walk or run, varies – and there’s lots of different types and patterns. Each has an impact on your posture, muscle and bone health, effecting your joints wear-and-tear over time and overall, your physique.

Historically, Gait Analysis has been judged and measured primarily by the eye. Experienced and traditional Podiatrists have, in the past, filmed patients walking or running, then watched back the footage in slow motion to document their movement patterns. This relies on the specialist carrying out the Gait Analysis, to be adequately trained and knowledgeable in the area, and to have sufficiently understood the patterns presented to them.

Fully trained Podiatrists are able to analyse the gait of patients in several different ways that are more scientific and accurate – but now a technologically advanced product has come to the market offering an unrivalled level of analysis, with no pain for the individual and little to no effort required.

Introducing Podosmart: the technology delivering Biomechanical Gait Analysis Assessments in a matter of minutes.

The Podosmart system works through digitally connected insoles analysing gait of an individual in real-time and providing immediate results. The patient places the electronically charged Digitsole insoles into their shoes and walks or runs whilst wearing them. The Podosmart insoles calibrate and analyse the shoe and foot shape, before analysing up to fifteen minutes of walking activity; monitoring the weight on different areas of the insole, speed, flight time (the time the foot is in the air), pronation or supination (the inward or outward roll of the foot), symmetry and propulsion. When analysed and considered in balance, this gives a ‘Gait Analysis’ – a study of the individual’s balance and physical walking pattern.

As the Podosmart insoles collect this information, they transmit it in real-time through Bluetooth connectivity to a connected device. Results are displayed in the Podosmart web interface, so the Podiatrist can analyse the information and prepare a treatment plan. Once the Podosmart insoles are removed from the shoes, the data that was transmitted to the connected device is stored on the patient’s records.

The unrivalled level of Gait Analysis that Podosmart can deliver ensures that Podiatrists are able to offer a service level higher than ever before. As such they’re able to then recommend suitable footwear, footwear inserts, orthotics or physiotherapy exercises to complement the individual’s walking profile.

This is technology like no other in Podiatry and we are glad to be the only private practice in North West London to introduce this truly innovative system. Appointments can be booked online through the Podiatry Station website at www.podiatrystation.local or by telephone on 02033270194.

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