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Essential Foot Care Tips for The Winter

ByPodiatry Station

Essential Foot Care Tips for The Winter

Essential Foot Care Tips for The Winter

During the winter season, feet are constantly kept in warm socks and closed footwear. It is very important not to forget about your feet and to keep looking after them. Winter brings about different challenges to foot care and below we list some of the ways you can take care of your feet on those chilly winter days. Below are several essential winter foot care tips.

1. Moisturising is Essential for Winter Foot Care

Cold air dries out your skin, and whilst you moisturise other parts of your body, you may forget about your feet. Dry skin can lead to fissures developing which can be extremely uncomfortable and painful, but more importantly they are often the reason why fungal infections and verruca’s develop in the first place.  The key is to prevent the skin from breaking down by moisturising daily with a good quality foot balm. We highly recommend Dermatonics Heel Balm, which is available to buy from Podiatry Station.

2. For Winter Keep Your Feet Warm but Breathable

Lower temperatures in winter result in more use of woolly socks and waterproof thick boots. Although this is a necessity, it is important to let your feet breathe naturally, by taking off your shoes and socks as soon as you are indoors and have warmed up. Having your feet enclosed within your shoes all day will cause a lot of sweating, which can be a predisposing factor to getting athletes feet and smelly feet.

3. Good Foot Care Includes Clean Feet

Be sure to wash your feet daily with soap (or cleanser) and warm water during the winter. They should also be thoroughly dried after being washed and before putting on socks or slippers.

Additionally, a foot soak is also a good idea. You can buy foot soaks or just use Epsom salt and warm water to give your feet a soothing treat.

4. Choose the Right Footwear for Winter

In winter make sure you are wearing a thick soled shoe with a breathable material such as leather on top. This will ensure your feet are protected and warm.

5. Exercise Tips

Before stepping out into the cold weather it is recommended that you do some gentle warm-up exercises for your feet. This can be as simple as circling the foot in a clockwise and then anticlockwise direction.

6. Last Winter Tip, Do not Use Nail Polish

The winter months are often ideal for allowing your nails to breathe without being covered in nail polish. It is the best time to apply a nail conditioning treatment to both your finger and toenails. We highly recommend Dr Anders Conditioning Balm, which is available to purchase from Podiatry Station. This will help to repair and replenish the nail plate with essential vitamins and oils.

To sum it up, taking care of your feet during the winter months is very important. Even if your feet are not on show, make sure they stay clean, warm and well moisturised, and hopefully, these winter foot care tips help you do so.

If you experience any issues such as fungal nail infections, ingrown toenails, sweaty feet, or dry and cracked skin, call us on 020 3327 0194 or book an appointment with a podiatrist at Podiatry Station.

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