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Diabetic Ulcers

Unfortunately diabetic patients are at a much higher risk of developing foot ulcerations and / or breakdowns.

An Ulcer is an open wound or sore that occurs in approximately 15% of diabetic patients. The most common area for this type of breakdown is on the soles of the feet. Diabetic patients are at a higher risk of developing ulcers because they can have problems with their blood supply and their nerves may not be functioning as they should be. This means that if a diabetic patient was to stand on a piece of glass they maybe unaware of the damage this has done to the soles of there feet. If this damage remains undetected then this can develop into a serious infection, which can go down as deep as the bone. When this happens it is known as Osteomyelitis and always requires immediate antibiotics cover.

At Podiatry Station we hope that none of our patients ever develop an ulcer as with regular routine care and advice, these can be easily avoided. However, if ulcer care is required, then Podiatry Station is the place to go for your treatment. Our clinic is modern, clean and sterile, providing you with the perfect setting for the treatment of ulcers.   If you do not believe us then read our reviews!  Being a diabetic, it is very important that you choose a clean clinic, which uses sterilised instruments for your treatment as you are at a greater chance of picking up an infection. 

The Podiatrist is trained to treat high risk diabetic foot ulcerations. Having worked within several NHS Diabetic Clinics she has a vast knowledge and understanding of how to resolve this issue. This often involves cutting away the infected tissue and padding up your foot to redistribute the weight to allow your foot to heal.  Footwear advice and pressure relieving is also a major part of your treatment plan and will be discussed with you in great detail.  You would be seen on a weekly basis until you have fully healed up.

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The clinic has now reopened

After having been closed for more than 2-months, we are back and open to treat all patients. Following the advice given by Public Health England, and guidelines issued by The College of Podiatry, we are now able to treat all patients that are deemed to be safe. Health and safety is paramount, so we have introduced extra measures within the clinic to protect everyone. Patients can find out more about the changes being implemented on our website under ‘Coronavirus (COVID-19) Clinic Policy & Procedure’.

If you need to see a Podiatrist, please contact us and we will carry out a health check to confirm if we are able to offer you an appointment immediately. In the meantime, we are reviewing the situation on a daily basis, and will release updates on our website, by email and via our social media channels should the guidelines change again.

Appointments will only be offered to patients who we feel are no risk to others!

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If you wish to discuss anything, require advise, or just want to have a chat, please feel free to get in touch with us. We are here to help!

Don’t give up… continue to stay safe, hopeful and happy. We will get through this!

Looking forward to returning to normality and seeing all our lovely patients soon…

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