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Bunions, Clawed Toe & Hammer Toe

Bunions, Clawed Toe & Hammer Toe


A bunion, also known as Hallux Valgus, is a deformity of the big toe in which, the big toe excessively deviates towards the second toe. This leads to a bony lump on the side of the foot. When the big toe is no longer straight, and is leaning towards the second toe, it causes the remaining toes to also become deformed. This is then known as clawed and hammer toes. Bunions can be caused by age, genetics, footwear, arthritis, playing sport, or underlying foot problems.


Due to the developing deformity, it can be difficult to fit into normal footwear. As bunions lead to hammer and clawing of the other toes, this can result in corn, blister and callus production. As the pressure distribution has been disrupted, generalised foot pain is also very common.


Due to the feet being a complex part of your body, they can not be, and should not be, looked at in isolation. Your feet are placed at the bottom of the skeleton tree. Therefore, any problems within the the lower back, thigh muscles, knee joints, and lower limbs will contribute to your foot pain. Due to this, a condition cannot be solved simply by consultation, and a thorough hands-on assessment is required.

By carrying out a Biomechanical Gait Analysis Assessment, the Podiatrist will consider your foot condition, but also take into account symptoms being experienced further up the skeleton. The assessment will provide an accurate diagnosis, allowing the Podiatrist to prepare a suitable treatment plan, which may include recommended stretches, custom made orthotics, and footwear advice.

These are all conservative measures and, although they may help relieve symptoms, there is no evidence they can correct the underlying deformity.

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