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Are your feet ready for summer?

ByPodiatry Station

Are your feet ready for summer?

Get Your Feet Ready for Summer!

At long last the summer months are nearly upon us, and I think we speak for everybody when we say, bring it on! Our blog this month is all about how to get your feet ready for the Summer.

  1. Dry Cracked Heels

Most people’s heels will have some degree of dryness to them. This is extremely common especially as we exit the winter months where we have had our feet hidden away in shoes and socks for so long. However, many months of neglect cannot be fixed in a single Podiatry session. Therefore, it’s important to allow for several routine treatment sessions before you see a dramatic difference. Ensure you plan, especially if you are booked to jet away for the summer holidays. Dry cracked heels are telling you that the skin on your feet is extremely dehydrated and needs some TLC. Apart from looking unsightly, cracked heels can also be painful and allow for fungal infections to thrive. Therefore, we always recommend you get these areas dealt with ASAP.

Follow our footcare steps, as below, and you will see a difference within a matter of weeks!

  • Visit Podiatry Station to have the overlying hard skin removed. After your treatment is complete, your Podiatrist will apply a recommended foot balm to your feet. As you have had the overlying hard skin professionally removed, the foot balm will absorb much easier.
  • At home regularly soak your feet in a foot bath with a medicated foot soak, such as Dermatonics Sensory Foot Soak.
  • Follow this through with a good foot scrub, such as Dermatonics Sensory Foot Scrub. The foot scrub will exfoliate and aid in removing the dead skin cells.
  • Finally, apply a recommended foot balm which will hydrate the skin and lock in the moisture, such as Dermatonics Heel Balm.


  1. Appropriate Footwear

Many people struggle to find supportive footwear when the heatwave starts. In warmer weather flip flops are a common choice of footwear for many. However, standard flip flops are not manufactured to support, and more often cause leg and foot problems mainly due to the lack of support they offer. Therefore, do not regret wearing incorrect footwear, and invest in a good pair of flip flops. We highly recommend Archies Flip Flops.

All the products we recommend, and that have been mentioned in this blog, are available to purchase directly from our online store at or in-clinic at 10 Station Road, Edgware HA8 7AB.

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