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5 Things To Do After Foot Surgery

ByPodiatry Station

5 Things To Do After Foot Surgery

5 Things To Do After Foot Surgery

The lead up to a surgical procedure can be a daunting experience. Anyone that has had any kind of surgical procedure in the past will know that more often than not, the recovery process is more challenging than the operation itself. Typically, foot or ankle conditions and injuries can result in a lot of time in rehabilitation, and that too after a lengthy period of being off your feet completely. This can take some adjustment and if you are struggling to adapt or do not know what to expect, we are here to help. To ease the process, our guide below highlights some of the key things you can do during your recovery from foot surgery.

1. Don’t alienate people around you

Whether your helpers and carers are friends, family, neighbours, or professional healthcare staff, be patient and respectful. Those closest to you are likely to feel the brunt of your frustration during this time, so bear in mind that they are there to help you.


2. Stock up on the essentials

You may require one of your helpers for this if you cannot get an online delivery slot while your mobility is restricted. We do not encourage any panic buying but it is important to stockpile some essentials for your recovery. Not only does it resist the temptation to pop to the shops when you think you are better (when you are not), but means everything you need is in the house and there’s less chance of you injuring yourself.


3. Get the house ready

This is likely to be something you have not considered but preparing your home for your return is a must. Putting a bed downstairs for a few months could be the best thing you ever do and ensuring everything is easily accessible will make life easier for you.


4. Engage your brain

We don’t mean on social media or online shopping. Do puzzles, jigsaws and quizzes to engage your brain and keep your mind active.


5. Listen to the experts

You may not like the recovery plan in place but it is imperative to your full recovery that you heed the advice given to you. The doctors, podiatrists, physios and other health professionals are well experienced, and it is strongly recommended that you follow their suggested plan in order to make a full recovery.


Final Thoughts

Let’s just be blunt about it, nobody really enjoys the recovery period after any surgery, but foot or ankle operations are extremely frustrating as you are not as mobile as before and are constantly being told to rest and not move. Depending on the nature of your procedure, you can generally expect to spend at least a couple of weeks, and in some cases a couple of months, off your feet.

This will be followed by some rehab, and probably a gradual return to your previous activity levels. There are many things you can do throughout your recovery to not only make the experience easier and more pleasant but also accelerate the healing process, ensuring you make a quick recovery. Be patient and tolerant where possible, there may be a long road ahead but there is light at the end of the tunnel.

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